Smooth slash dirty move – Song lyrics


Written By #illusivecamo

Curled hair and brown eyes

Everyone starring like sh*t gathered by flies

Tell you anything you want to hear, even lies

Sweat pants, hair tied

told you that your wifey material, but I lied

alcohol drinker fast thinker

don’t clash with my clan, cut off your head

send it to your fam

show you who the man

I’m high but car suspension low

Skew over the speed hump

Got your girl ready to go

Drinking Black Label till I’m unstable

Take her to the bedroom, yeah I’m able

Uber next day

I’m a gentleman, I’ll pay

Representing my town (like a king)

Heavy lay the crown (that bling)

In the bedroom, I’ll make her sing

She the Queen B and I’ll be her Jay Z

She still your girl though, send her back when I’m done

You can keep her, I had my fun.

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Girl, Picture us two – Lyrics


Written by #illusivecamo

Picture this, Palm beach and a summer sun

Blue waters few drinks, baby I’m the one

Two three and four

Volley ball playing, girls galore

This other chick I saw

But she acted like a whore

So I let my friends explore

Now back to you

All eyes on you

You liked me too

(haha) I never knew

So what about us kicking it

I like you from behind

Wouldn’t mind hittin’ it

(like Mayweather) when I’m done, baby it’s a pleasure

Pleasure was all mine

E=MC squared shout out Eienstien

You my girl to wine and dine

Diamonds and pearls

Gotta make her shine

Lets do things out of line


Strawberry chocolate dripping

Pool full of liquor, I’m sipping

You got a man and you ain’t even tripping

Gotta do what i gotta do – song lyrics


Written by #illusivecamo


I gotta do what i gotta do to get what i wanna get

I’m about whatever and my plan is to only get better

stay humble, believe in yourself

ain’t about the money, but the goal is wealth

so i sit by myself, just me and my drink

talking bout that Jameson,

precise, with the ice, it taste nice, feel like paradise

yeah im a dreamer

one day in that all black beamer, with my Gina

actually in that coke white benz, just me and my friends

party till next morning, no one yawning

on an on like two fighters in an octagon

nevertheless yes i’m blessed

just a young guy in a cruel city

but don’t take pity

i dodged the guns, the drugs, the knives

i don’t take lives

leave that for Atlanta housewives

Yeah Atlanta housewives.


The streets are taking over



Deep lyrics on the streets


Society got us thinking that’s our destiny

getting high all day with weed and ecstasy

this the 21st century, I pray God be next to me

so heavenly


Experimenting on drugs,

with thugs, on the corner, of the street

I pray for you son, you gon’ get real heat

three niggers died last week,

got shot, 3 peat

retaliate is there only fate

hop up in the ride golf 1.8

spinning barrel on the  side, vengeance bout to collide

niggers falling like the twin towers

gangsters funeral, everybody bring flowers

I feel bad for your mama

coz she raised you real good real neat

but the streets took you in like adoption

you never wanted this

but it wasn’t your option.

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